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  • Transatlantic Rhapsody - CD

Transatlantic Rhapsody - CD

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Transatlantic Rhapsody


Transatlantic Rhapsody is a compilation of new compositions written by Fritz K Renold, the musical director of the Jazzaar Festival as well as Gil Goldstein which portrays the union and possibility of reunion between cultures on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This promises an interesting dialog between the world of Jazz, European folk and popular music to profoundly show how unity can very well be found in diversity. The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO) directed by Renold featuring renowned musicians will present the premier at the Jazzaar Festival.


The remarkable SYJO, made up of youth musicians 16 – 26 years of age will be accompanied and mentored on the bandstand by seasoned international artistes through a week of rehearsals, workshops and a jam session in the process leading to the performance of this premiering musical work. The featured guests are Frank Greene (Ltp), Bill Pierce (ts), Tom Malone (tb), Gil Goldstein (acc/p), Kabir Sehgal (b) and Michael Baker (d).

Directed by Fritz K Renold (CH)


- Clarinet - Janis Birrer (AG)

- Alto Sax 1 - Mathieu Bitz (AG)

- Alto Sax 2 – Sara El Hachimi doubles on Tenor Sax (SO)

- Tenor Sax - Igor Butman doubles in Soprano Sax (Russland)

- Tenor Sax - Felix Piringer doubles on Soprano Sax & EWI, Student (AG)

- Bassclarinet - Sofie Schindelholz, Student (AG)


- Trumpets – Frank Greene (USA)

- Trumpet – Gergö Szax doubles on Flugelhorn (BS)

- Trumpet - Samir Rachide, Student (SG)

- Trumpet – Lino Hofstetter, Student (AG)


- Trombone - Tom Bones Malone (USA)

- Trombone - Sebastian Wey (AG)

- Tuba - Moritz Zäch (AG)


- Guitar – Andrin Stettler (BE)

- Piano/Keyboard/Accordion - Gil Goldstein (USA/CH)

- Keyboard - Jeremy Lenoir (LU)

- Electric Bass – Sharon Renold (SO)

- Drums – Michael Baker (USA)

- Drums II – Cristiano Salgert (FR)

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