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  • Renolds Jazz Orchestra - CD

Renolds Jazz Orchestra - CD

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1. Grave Intrigues 9:09

2. Caiaphas 6:35

3. The Potter’s Field 8:54

4. Let This Blood Be On Us! 5:49

5. The Rooster Crows 7:04

6. Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani 6:45

7. Resurrection 8:08

8. The Great Commission 6:49

9. Ascension 7:57

10. Cube 4:23


All Music composed by Fritz Renold

All Lyrics written by Helen Savari-Renold

All Music published by Shanti Music Publishing 2005

Tracks 5 & 9 arranged by Robert Freedmann

All other tracks arranged by Fritz Renold

Performed by:

Helen Savari-Renold (V),

Fritz Renold (Ss, Acl, As),

Greg Tardy (Cl, As),

Tommy Smith (Ts,Ss, Fl)

Donny McCaslin (Ts, Ss, Fl, Afl),

Bernd Konrad (Bcl, Bs),

Willie Murillo (Tp),

Randy Brecker (Tp),

Barrie Lee Hall (Tp),

Steven Bernstein (Tp),

Amir Elsaffar (Tp),

Vincent Gardner (Tb),

Patrik Lerchmüller (Tb)

Dave Taylor (Tb),

Jamshied Sharifi (P),

Miroslav Vitous (B),

Adam Nussbaum (Dr),

Willy Kotoun (Perc.)


Conducted by Patrick Furrer


Recorded at Hard Studios Winterthur by Moritz Wetter on April 18 & 19, 2005

Stereo Mix August 8,9 and 10 2006 at Hansahaus Studio in Bonn by Klaus Genuit.

Surround 5.1 Mix on January 5,6 and 7, 2007 at Hansahaus Studio in Bonn by Klaus Genuit.

Surround Mastered on February 6 and 7, 2008 at Skywalk Studio in Trier by Marko Schneider.

Executive Producer Fritz Renold - Shanti Records

Graphic and booklet design by Bryan J Zimmerman Design


Special Thanks to: God for revealing the Christ and His Kingdom, our children Lydia, Benjamin, Sharon, our parents, Moritz Wetter, Klaus Genuit, Marko Schneider, Fred Bouchard, the Crew at Hard Studios Winterthur and all our friends around the globe that have been a constant encouragement to us.

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