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  • Gumbo with Chutney - Light Will Shine

Gumbo with Chutney - Light Will Shine

CHF 45.00Preis



Production: Gumbo with Chutney - Light Will Shine

Producer: Helen Savari-Renold (Shanti Music Productions)


Gumbo with Chutney – Project Description


The meeting of diverse cultures inevitably combines exotic essences together to spark the creation of new and interesting flavors in both the culinary and in the world of music alike. With the theme ‘Gumbo with Chutney’ we’ll get to taste exactly that rich blend of Calypso’s African beats with the West Indian ‘pitch-bends’ along a steady back drop of New Orleans’ brassy timbres lending jazzy colored harmonies. Original music is penned and arranged by prolific writers to initiate this fusion. The director of this band is Tim Akers from Nashville, USA.


To create the magic top talents in their respective genres are invited such as Harini Raghavan (voc/violin), Tom Walsh (Ltp), Anders Bostrom (fl), (tbla), Etienne Stadwijk (keys), Ramon Stagnaro (g), Oscar Stagnaro (b) and Rodney Holmes (dr). The main beneficiaries of this project are the talented Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble made up of 16 – 26-year-old aspiring musicians that are mentored in the process of rehearsing and performing this new work of music together. The benefit is contagious upon the supportive live audience that take back with them a most memorable experience.


Soprano & Alto & Tenor Voices, Acoustic Violin, Flute 1 & 2, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpets 1 & 2, Trombone, Piano, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Timbales, Congas, Latin Percussion & Tabla

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