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  • Concerto for Clarinet

Concerto for Clarinet

CHF 125.00Preis

Concerto For Charles


Clarinet Concerto #1


Composed and orchestrated by Fritz Renold


Dedicated to Charles Kleiber




Clarinet in Bb

Alto Saxophon

Tenor Saxophon 1

Tenor Saxophon 2

Baritone Saxophon

Trumpet/Flugelhorn 1

Trumpet/Flugelhorn 2

Trumpet/Flugelhorn 3

Trumpet/Flugelhorn 4

Trombone 1

Trombone 2

Trombone 3


Accoustic Bass


Oriental Percussion


© Copyright by Fritz Renold 2008


Published by Shanti Music Publishing 2008

International Copyright secured by SUISA 2008




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