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Shanti Music Studio Courses 2024

What microphone do I choose for my instrument and what is reasonable for me?

The course is conceptionalized for Musicians (Hobby and Professionals) that would like to get advice on what microphone can be used for personal recording within a limited budget or for professional recordings or for live performances within a given budget. 

You can check out microphones in the range of CHF 100 all the way up to CHF 6000.- Microphones. 

You also will be able to check out various Pre Amps for Mics.


Number of participants per course:

Course length:

All Wind instruments, Pianist, Bassists, Guitarist, Drummers, Singers etc.

Open for:



1 day (10:00-13:00 & 14:00 – 17:00)

General Information


Shanti Music Productions Renold & Co, Shanti Music Studio, Parkstrasse, Schönenwerd, Switzerland

February 24, 2024 

March 23, 2024

Available Dates:

CHF 200 / Person


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